How to use

When developing this model, funders and social organisations reported a number of ways in which they felt they would use it. As the model is used and shared, please feedback other ways you see it being useful.

Funders could use the model to…

Inform funding strategy

– prompting discussions about the challenges, opportunities, risks of funding at each stage.

Track and evidence progress

– in all five areas of development.

Inform what type of support is offered to grantees at what time

– Identifying which stage of development a solution is at helps funders provide stage-appropriate support.

Encourage sector-wide collaboration

– by identifying who funds at which stage(s). This helps identify other funders who could continue funding grantees, and highlights funding gaps.

Help streamline application processes

– the model provides a common framework around which funders could align application criteria.

Social organisations could use the model to…

Identify next steps

– with teams using the model as a diagnostic to assess strengths, weaknesses and where they need to focus next.

Find appropriate funding

– If funding was categorised by development stages it would make it easier for social organisations to identify which they would be eligible for.

Suggest grant goals

– Social organisations and funders could use the model to set stage-appropriate development goals that are in line with the goals of social organisation.

Facilitate conversations with funders about project changes and failures

– by acknowledging change as a key part of the development process.